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Welcome to the Midwest Barista School!

The Midwest Barista School (MBS) is not just a barista training school. It's a complete training experience for starting a coffee business, run by successful operators, in a professional barista school. Our class provides the best trainer-to-student ratio in a small class size with JP's profitable operations since 1993 as our credentials. Read More

World Class Barista Training and Latte Art Techniques

Barista training classes are offered at our facilities in Holland, MI, or we will send our coffee school trainers to you. Either way, you will receive world-class training in professional barista techniques such as espresso preparation, milk steaming, creating latte art, customer services and more. With our "train the trainer" method, you will leave with the confidence of systems you will use for the life of your coffee business.

Check out what former students have to say...

We rely on our reputation as our greatest marketing tool. To read of others' experiences at our barista training school, have them share in their own words their view of our barista course and tell you why they chose us over other coffee schools is our best way to advertise.

Financial Evaluation for Starting a Coffee Business

Starting a coffee business without first knowing what it will cost and if it has a reasonable chance of being successful is risky. We compare it to taking a trip across the ocean, but not checking the airplane's gas gauge until after you've left. Check out what is included in our Pre-opening Financial Evaluation service

Our Trainers
We have a team of qualified and experienced trainers.
Our Facilities
Check out our training facilities located in the heart of award-winning downtown Holland, MI.
Our Philosophy
Hear more about the philosophy behind our training.